ERAPPA 2023 Welcome

There is a saying that ‘Hindsight is 20/20 Vision.’

That’s a phrase particularly meaningful for those of us who have been planning for this fall’s ERAPPA conference for over seven years now! We originally chose the name “Vision” for our Saint John event since it was supposed to be held in 2020 at a time when we saw a clear new future for our institutions.

Of course we could never have envisioned what eventually transpired in the past three years, but one thing remains the same. The incredible opportunities at our institutions.

Projects, in the eastern region, estimated to be worth more than 9 billion dollars, are now being planned or are shovel-ready.  After delays with supply chains and labour, our leadership is more willing than ever to look as far afield as necessary to find the right contractors with the right skills to bring these long-awaited aspirations to reality.  That’s why Vision 2020(+3!) is going to be bigger and better than ever.  The conversations at the Hall of Resources are going to result in firm partnerships.

Set in one of Atlantic Canada’s most picturesque seaside communities, the post-pandemic sessions, focusing on leadership, planning, sustainability, project management and deferred maintenance, are going to be impactful and on point. We are in a whole new reality now. Learn how your peers are adapting in truly visionary ways.

On behalf of AAPPA and our host committee, we are looking forward to welcoming you all to Saint John, New Brunswick in September 2023.

Be sure to visit the conference website for additional information and stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

Don’t miss Vision 2020(+3!).

Three times the planning, three times the fun and three times the opportunities.

It’s worth the wait.


Kevin Simpson and Greg Clayton
Host Committee Co-Chairs ERAPPA 2023

About the Venue

Saint John showcases living history, urban energy, and natural splendour. The waterfront convention facilities and many of our hotel rooms have a breath-taking view of the Bay of Fundy. Compact and convenient, Saint John is a safe and walkable city, with galleries, restaurants, bars and boutiques to explore all within a few blocks. The ‘Inside Connection’ pedway system (Atlantic Canada’s longest indoor, climate-controlled walkway system) makes exploring easy. This extensive pedway system connects the entire uptown and waterfront core. Find shopping, entertainment, dining, recreation, and culture all under one roof.


Lance Allred

Born with 80% hearing loss within a polygamist commune before he escaped at age 13, Lance Allred is the first deaf player in NBA History when he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers. A best-selling author and TEDx star of “What is Your Polygamy?” Lance speaks on Leadership, Perseverance and Grit, and will empower your audience to step beyond their comfort zones and be leaders of their own lives.


Lions and Leaders: The Five Principles of Perseverance